Engine 107's Parts/The Big Brass Whistle

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The Big Brass Whistle on Engine 107 is a four tone whistle. The harder you pull
on the rope the louder it sounds. You have probably heard the whistle when
the train is approaching the crossing on 1920 street and the streetcar tracks.
The engineer sounds the whistle two long times, one short one, and then one long
one. The last sound should continue into the crossing.

When the train is not in the station and is about to move forward the engineer
gives two short toots on the whistle to let everyone know that the train is about
to move forward. When the train is at the Fort Station and is about to back up
to get water at the water tower, the engineer will give three short toots on the
whistle before moving. When pulling back into the station the engineer will again
give two short toots before moving forward.